Nov 5, 2012

Weekend Trip

This past weekend, Jill and I took a trip to Atchison, Kansas. We visited a college there, which we both fell in love with. We stayed in the dorms, which was quite the experience, and got to speak with the teachers of the departments we want to major in. For me, Journalism. For Jill, Nursing. 
We got about 7 hours of sleep in 72 hours, with all the traveling that we did. Plus staying up late with our new-found college friends. We also went to the Autumn Ball, and swing danced with football players.
The plane pictures are mostly flying into Chicago on our way there and back. It was the only time the sun was either coming up or setting.. and looked the coolest. If you can't tell, I love views off the planes.
Jill also decided to take a nap on our way back. I tried, but couldn't sleep. If you sit in the back of the plane, it's super loud because of the jets. So, I read. 
How was your weekend?
xo, Clare.

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