Nov 19, 2012

Perfect Weekend

This weekend was the best that I could ever have imagined. 

This is my friend Therese, who lives in Michigan. 
She has family that lives 40 minutes from my house.
Therese was planning to surprise me over Thanksgiving, and was conferring with Alicia. But Therese accidently send me a text message about it, instead of Alicia. So, I found out. But they covered it up, saying Therese will probably swing by over Christmas.
She lied (:
She surprised me on Friday! I was shocked, didn't see it coming at all. Literally. I was outside and had my back to the driveway, and kind of lost in my own world. Therese snuck up behind me and tackled me, and her sister Molly captured it on video. It was amazing.
Then I spent the night at her aunt and uncles, and we had amazing Mexican food and hung out. Next morning, we went to Mall of America and went on rides and had super good Asian food!

(Left to right) Me, Alicia, Therese, Monica
Best weekend ever? I think yes.

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