Nov 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving!

                           (Alligator Turtle)                                                                             (Chloe the Sloth)

We decided to try something new this year. We went to the Como Park & Conservatory before going out to  lunch. Usually we go over to my grandma's for lunch, but we still made it over there for desert (: Here are just a few shots from the Conservatory. I didn't get any from dinner or from my grandma's house ): Feel free to reprimand me. But I was just so tired and full. We had a lovely turkey dinner, hobbled to the car and drove home, only to eat more at Grandma's. Mom made Cranberry Orange Cheesecake and a Double Espresso Chocolate Pie...My mouth just waters when I think about it.
So we ate and ate and ate. And then we played a board game [My team won;)] and then a card game!
Then I went home. And watched the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.
Well maybe not the worst, but it was pretty close.
How was your Turkey Day?
xo, Clare

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  1. My thanksgiving was just oh so lovely thank you for asking.


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