Nov 1, 2012

My style has changed a ton from a few years ago. I grabbed this sweater out of my mom's "Give Away Pile" and told her I love big sweaters... she said she never would have guessed. Which got me thinking. A few years ago, I would only wear very plain clothes.. t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants. Nothing too bold, nothing frilly or lacy, and when I had to dress up, it was always very tailored.
Now, I wear anything and everything. I've got a few pairs of bright colored skinny jeans and sweaters, I adore anything glittery, still not a big fan of pink unless it's my hot pink skinny jeans. I wear heels sometimes now! But I still can't walk in them. I wear skirts all the time... I think you get the picture. 
I also love love love Target.. I almost always am wearing at least one item from there.

Happy Thursday (:

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