May 3, 2013

March Madness

So, guess what I totally forgot to upload. My roadtrip adventure pictures! And it's already May. I'm ashamed.

So, here they are.

 (There are too many smells in this car. and they're all bad. Just fyi, there were lots of feet smells, along with beef jerky and the smells of Chicago.)

Campers reunited!

It was a pretty fun trip. We were traveling back on Easter Sunday, so our dinner was....well, junky. It consisted of redbulls, cheezits, candy, apple slices, cheese, and starbucks. I know, pretty terrible. But it was all part of the fun! We also listened to lots of lovely music, laughed until we cried, and made some pretty awesome memories. I can't wait to travel with these ladies again.

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  1. these remind me of my trip driving across the country!



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