Apr 30, 2013


:: my delicious breakfast consisting of oranges, over hard eggs, and onions :: a trip to Yo-Jo's for some frozen yogurt with two best friends :: SUN IS HERE FINALLY :: double rainbow! :: prepping graduation party invitations :: the last one isn't really an Instagram picture but....

It was just so funny and I want to share. This is my cousin Audrey, and we saw each other on Sunday and I walk into church and see her dress and think "Hmm, that looks familiar" and then I look down and realize that I'm wearing the exact same one. And we were sitting next to each other all during church.. bah! Little awkward. All I could think about was "Who Wore It Best: Cousin Edition"! I think we both wore it pretty darn good ;)

Also, for any of you computer people out there-- I need a new computer, as mine is a dipstick and breaks down every three seconds. Any suggestions, aside from Macs? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have a lovely week! xoxo. 

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