Dec 11, 2012

The Andry Family

This lovely family is starting their own band! So they  needed some album pictures. They're putting some songs up on iTunes, so I'll be sure to share that when they're up (:

Funny thing happened during these pictures. My hair caught on fire. Yes, you read correctly. As I was leaning against the wall to take the couch shots, I failed to notice the little candle on the ledge behind me. But I didn't even notice my hair was on fire, I was too busy concentrating on the shot and wondering why it sounded like an airplane was behind me. Heh. Then I realized I was on fire, and calmly patted it out, while the poor parents freaked. I think it's hilarious, and I've been telling everyone and laughing about it ever since. My hair is fine!!  Just a few handfuls were gone, but I've got enough hair to spare!

Anyways. This family is truly lovely, and I can't wait to hear their tunes (:

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