Dec 8, 2012

Christmas Wreath

I decided to get crafty a few days ago and make a wreath. So here it is.

Supplies: wire hanger, string, strand of lights, and ribbon (not pictured). 

First what you'll do is bend the wire body into a circle. At first it'll look like a pumpkin! Just keep bending.
Second, wrap your lights all the way around the circle. I found that a longer strand of lights works the best because then the wreath looks full. But I couldn't tell you how long my strand was..
Third, use your string to secure it all together. It's easier when you see when you do it. I tied if off, added a ribbon to hide the string, and then wiggled the outlet cord to the bottom of the wreath so it's less conspicuous. I added a little stick on hook and voila! I'm in love with it. I'll post more pictures when I show you my lovely decorated room (:


  1. Oh wow, I love this! It's such a pretty idea!

  2. Pretty! Twinkle lights are so magical, I'd put them everywhere all year round if I could.


  3. What a good idea! I might have to steal it (:

  4. I love the shadows this wreath leaves on the magical :)

  5. I will make sure to keep this in my memory box for just decorations or next year's Christmas.


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