Dec 19, 2012

DIY Shell Christmas Tree

 I admit, I found this from Pinterest.  But I put my own twist on it, so here it is for you to try!
Supplies: Cardboard cone (I found mine at Michael's), White pray paint, glue gun and shells! We had some left from our trip to Florida, but I believe you can find packages at any craft store. 

First you'll spray paint the cone white and let it dry. This is just to make it look prettier, in case you leave any bare spots. Which I did.
Next, glue your shells on. At first I tried to make them into nice little rows, with all shells pointing the same way.. but it left a lot of bare spots and the placement got awkward. You can see the upperhalf of the tree looks a bit different and I recommend overlapping the shells like I did at the top. It looks cooler.
To fill in the bare spots I added some little gems and then I found an old ornament at a thrift store for the star and stuck that on the top!

You'll probably see more shell DIY's in the future :)


  1. Woah that's so adorable, and unique. You make me miss summer!

  2. This is a pretty cool idea. Very sweet

  3. This is a fantastic idea!

    -Charlie x

  4. what a good idea! I've been wanting to make cones, but with different types of fabrics/paper (:
    lovely, lovely <3


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