Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Cheer

I'm being hard on myself for not taking as many pictures as I should have this Christmas. But we had some dramatic things going on around here, mostly having to do with my grandpa having a heart attack and being rushed to the hospital. No worries, he's doing just fine, just had some clogged arteries. Anyways. Christmas was a little stressful this year, but we still enjoyed the time with our family! Here are the few pictures I managed to take amid the chaos. I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas, and continue to have one, because the Christmas season is not over yet (:

1+2 are just a few of the dozens of presents I've wrapped. 3 is my obvious fascination with two things: rings, and manual focus. I have no less than 5 rings on my fingers at all times. 4 is my brother playing with the camera, and I'm posing in my fort. 5 is my lovely mother opening her present. 6 and 7 are my two sisters, the youngest being Sophie, and her birthday is today! 8 is a terrible picture from my phone, but I wanted to show off my Christmas outfit and my dirty mirror. And my awful closet. and lastly, 8 is my cat waking up from a nap. Hahah

xo, Clare

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