Mar 24, 2013

oh hello.

I'm back again! Just to leave again. I'm taking a few roadtrips over the next two weeks, so you may not see much of me on here...

Anyhow, recapping. I've been tagging along some practice shoots with Mary who's awesome. I have pictures from a maternity and a 6-month old shoot that'll be posted at some point (: Oh, and I would like to say something about the word "shoot" in reference to photography. Here's a conversation between a friend and myself...

Me: Ohhh Monica I shot this adorable baby today, she had a little bunny hat on and everything!
Monica: Um.
Me: Oh my gosh that sounds so bad. I didn't shoot her, I shot her.
Monica: uhh
Me: I mean.. I mean I took a picture of her..
Monica: yeah that sounded really bad.


Also, remember how I was working on that watermark? Well, I perfected it.

yeah I know, it's pretty awesome.

Anyways, you can follow my roadtrip adventures on the Instagram as well as follow my majestic daily life filled with studying, prom preparing, college preparing and whatnot.

Have a lovely week everyone!

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