Sep 22, 2012

This pretty much sums up my week! These are all from my phone so that's why the quality is horrendous.
First picture is apple cider I made with my sister and uncle. And then it overflowed. Moral of story, use a bigger pan to cook apple cider in :) It's sooo tasty though. Second picture was from last night, when my friends and I went bowling! I suck at bowling. And apparently they don't put up bumpers for adults? Lame. Third picture is from my birthday dinner with my two best friends! It's called peanut butter deluxe, or something like that. It was amazing. The fourth picture is what I walked into my friends room and saw.. they all fell out laughing at my expression but I made them go back into the closet and repose so I could take a picture.

I got my lens in the mail on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a little too excited.
I'll post pictures soon!


  1. Mmmm that cider looks and sounds so wonderfully yummy! I think it is one of my favorite parts about fall! Looks like you had a pretty fun week!

  2. aw, i haven't been bowling in forever! the cider look yummy! cute blog dear!

    lindsey louise


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