Jun 25, 2012

Camera Strap DIY

This camera strap was super easy to make, as long as you know how to sew!

What you'll need:
- strips of sturdy fabric. We used fabric that outdoor cushions are made out of.
-Ribbon, or something sturdy like ribbon that will fit in the slits of your camera, where the strap attaches.
-the basics~ thread, sharp scissors, measuring tape, pinking shears if you have them, and needles.

First, measure how wide you want your strap to be (using a previous strap is a good idea), and add a 1/2 inch for a seam allowance. Then, if need be, cut down your straps. It won't matter how long they are now, just how wide.
Then you measure how long you want your strap to be. The way I did it, was measure how long my Canon strap was, not including the ribbon that loops around the slits in the camera. Then I measured my ribbon with the ribbon on the Canon strap, so that my strap will have the same measurements as the Canon strap. It made things a lot easier! After you're finished measuring, cut your strips into squares, and then baste your squares together until they're at the length you want your strap at.
  So.. that's one side. The other side, I just used longer strips that hadn't been cut down, and used that as the backside. Baste those strips together. When you're done with all the measuring and basting, you should have 2 separate strips: one side of the strap with squares, and the other with around 3 strips basted together.

Now comes the easy parts. Get the sewing machine (or do it by hand, but the machine will make it the strongest) and sew the sides together. Fold the ends into a triangle, like the picture. There'll be a slit, and that's where you're going to squeeze your ribbon into, and sew it in so it's super sturdy and won't come out. Then, to finish the edges, you can either use your pinking shears, or burn the edges. I did both!

xo Clare

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  1. I love these straps! I would totally make one if I had a camera :)


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